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Chatbot is the next best thing to a human salesperson. It helps you market, convert, and support customers for dedicated assistance.

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Facebook Live CRM

SystemKH CRM platform is designed to detect customers’ orders from Facebook Live comment and could instantly and simultaneously print comments into sale reciept.

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Cloud POS

Automate and simplify your manual inventory tasks, easy to keep tracking your sale as well as your expenses on your business.

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Chatbot does the magic


Automates chat response

Chatbot automatically reply to all your customers message in your page inbox. Effective and effortless 24/7.


Attract, Interact, and Bring Back

Never miss new cutomers, keep interacting them the whole journey and stay in touch by sending reengage message.


Expand your reach

You can have chatbot on any channels your business are on, either Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram, and just one platform to manage all your sale.

Beyond Facebook Live Sale

Print your customers' order comments instantly from your facebook live sale.

- Auto Print -

Send confirmation message to your customers about their orders including cart and payment link.

- Auto Message -

Recieve all money transfered images from your page inbox as well as dashboard list from those who made payment online.

- Payment Tracking -

Inventory that simplifies your administrative tasks

With SystemKH smart inventory, you could do more than just input or deduct product stock. Once the livestream begins, each comment order from Facebook Live will be recorded and automatically send out cart and payment link to customers, as well as automatically deduct product’s quantity from your inventory. Conveniencely,there’s every information you may need to know about the status of your business, from customers to revenue on the dashboard.

  • View live orders
  • List all comments from any posts
  • User's orders history
  • User's data

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